What makes our hypnosis so special for you

Every word you say is a blueprint that your mind, body, and psyche want to make a reality.

What is RTT®?

We work with an international award-winning hypnosis method called RTT® . These three letters stand for Rapid Transformational Therapy®. As the word “rapid” suggests, it is about achieving your desired results very quickly, effectively and permanently. RTT® kombiniert Hypnotherapie, Psychotherapie, NLP (Neuro-Linguistisches Programmieren) und Neurowissenschaften miteinander. In Österreich ist diese Methode aktuell noch nicht weit verbreitet und bekannt, doch das Interesse nimmt stetig zu. In den Köpfen vieler Menschen ist die Vorstellung von Hypnose immer noch mit Bildern verbunden, die mit Kontrollverlust und Mystik verbunden sind. Das ist auch nicht weiter verwunderlich, weil genau diese Bilder  bis heute  z.B. in der Show- und Bühnenhypnose gezeigt werden. Auch diese Formen haben ihre Berechtigung – wir arbeiten jedoch mit einer Methode, die einen gesundheitsfördernden Ansatz verfolgt. Hier ein Video der Gründerin Marisa Peer zu dieser Methode:

Hypnotherapy allows us to access our subconscious mind

In our subconscious we find all the information we need to understand what is really going on within us. Conditions such as fears, compulsions or addictions are usually based on childhood experiences (although experiences do not automatically mean something bad), on the basis of which we have developed certain beliefs and behavior patterns. These patterns are internalized and make us unconsciously react or act in the same way in certain situations repeatedly. With the help of RTT® we explore together - in a direct way and without digging for a long time - how these experiences have led to your current issue and how you can release your blockages.

The effectiveness of hypnosis is scientifically proven today

It is often used as a supportive tool in both psychotherapeutic and medical contexts. Numerous examples can be found in medicine, especially in dentistry. The Barrios study, which is well known in the scientific community, provides a good overview of the effectiveness of various methodologies and specialties. The results of the Barrios study (total database: 1661 articles) speak for themselves.

Source: Barrios, A. A. (1970). Hypnotherapy: A reappraisal. Psychotherapy: Theory, Research & Practice,  7(1), 2-7. http://dx.doi.org/10.1037/h0086544

More studies that show the effectiveness of Hypnotherapy in German can be found here: