About Me

Welcome, I’m Claudia

My name is Claudia Schwinghammer; I spent more than 25 successful years in the corporate world in different areas and positions. Over time, my interests have shifted, and I have followed my personal dream and passion: to learn and experience more about the human psyche. In the process, the following questions have stayed with me: What makes us truly happy? How can we let go of our emotional baggage and how can we replace beliefs that limit us today and change them into more helpful ones? In the course of my time as a psychotherapist and RTT® practitioner, I have found some answers together with clients. Unique and very personal answers - because we all have our own story to tell. Seeing how people change, develop, and face their everyday life empowered, fills me with great gratitude and makes me fall in love with my work as a therapist again and again.

Qualifications and Education

  • Business Economist & Psychologist
  • Psychotherapist, registration number: 12390
  • Business Coach
  • RTT® Certified Practitioner
  • Systemic behavior coach
  • Insights® Discovery Practitioner
  • Editor for the largest Austrian family magazine

Since 2020 I have been working in my own therapeutic practice.

Here you will find an excerpt of my different trainings, which I like to combine and link in my work. It is important to me that I am therapeutically as broadly positioned as possible and can fall back on training that is "state of the art" and internationally recognized and effective. We humans are as different as we can be. What is good and helpful for one, may not help another. With me, you have an experienced therapist at your side - who, in addition to all the training and qualifications, has never forgotten to remain a human being.