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Are depressions still taboo on the job?

Often people develop a mental illness such as depression in the course of their lives.

Somehow it is still easier for us to talk about a broken leg or back pain – but if we are not feeling well psychologically and if the soul is crying, then it is often difficult to find the right words. Especially in the work context, the subject of depression is still filled with a lot of shame and uncertainty.

“What if my boss realizes how I’m doing? Will my colleagues still take me seriously then? Can I still do my job well?

In my ordination it is mainly younger people who come to me with a feeling of depression. Sometimes my clients even identify completely with this state. You then speak of „my“ depression or „my“ exhaustion. If you suffer from a mental illness, then I would advise you to first replace “my depression” with “the depression” – this brings distance and less identification with the believed clinical picture.

Depression has different faces and courses, but in my experience there are always similarities. Clients speak to themselves very critically and with little appreciation, saying something like “Well, typical that I failed again – I’m really useless!”
We do that automatically without considering that such words and sentences appear Duration can also become a belief and thus cement itself in our thoughts and actions. So treat yourself like your best friend, speak well to yourself, and replace critical words with appreciation.

Clients are also often convinced that depression came when it first appeared, in order to last. I think it’s not that easy to say, there are always phases in life in which we are faced with enormous challenges and where everything seems to collapse like a house of cards. Visualize over and over again that happiness, success, and positive thinking are available to you. Not only the others can take what they want and need like at a self-service buffet, you too can do it as a matter of course – whether alone or together. Apropos alone: ​​The topic of social isolation is omnipresent, especially in times of a pandemic, and is currently almost part of our lives. Especially people who suffer from depression sometimes feel isolated and avoid regardless of pandemics, social contacts. If you find yourself in these lines, then try to have a virtual exchange with friends, work colleagues or family members as often as possible, even if it is not always easy for you.

One very important thing at the end. If you are not feeling well mentally, please get medical and therapeutic help. I feel like we’re becoming more and more open about mental health too. Many larger companies already offer so-called EAPs (Employee Assistant Programs), in which employees can turn to consultants, therapists and coaches in an unbureaucratic, anonymous and trustworthy manner and get help quickly. Look at yourself!

Claudia Schwinghammer
Business psychologist, coach, systemic psychotherapist and RTT® Certified Practitioner

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